Several loops are offered starting from Castets en Dorthe.

Duration : half a day or a day 

All circuits are well thought in order to explore all the little roads off the beaten paths that will get you to beautiful landscapes and very Little vehicle trafic. For safety reasons, wearing a yellow safety vest is highly recommended (lending upon request).

Detailed circuits are available :

On paper Road-Book (1 €)

On paper Road-Book + GPS with a programmed circuit (15 €).

Depending on the difficulty, the Electrically Assisted Bicycle (EAB) can be a wise choice. 


Circuit CC1 – Destination : La Réole

Distance : 20 km – Drop : x m – Difficulty : Easy

Recommended Bike : Trek / Electric


This trek starts on the bike path along the Garonne Canal.

For 10 km, you will cycle under a beautiful plane tree canopy in a very peaceful setting until the Fontet nautical base.

Then through little routes along the embankments, you will reach the shores of the  Garonne river near La Reole which is an“Art and History ” labelled town. You cannot miss it! (The town’s visiting tour is available at the Tourism Office). 

See the available tour at the Tourism Office. The way back is by following the Garonne river banks on its left.

On these rich lands, you will pass through wicker plantations, actinidia plantations (kiwi trees), etc…

Take a nice break at the Moulin de Piis (Piis Mill) in the town of Bassanne. 

Lastly you will go through the very charming village of Barie, then you will reach the bike path on the Garonne Canal

Circuit CC2 – Destination : Lados 

Distance : 28 km – Drop : 338 m – Difficulty : Intermediate

Recommended Bike : Electric


Beautiful trek in open countryside, on the South of Gironde’s hilly roads!

This itinerary is based on the Bike Circuit N°10. The marking along the road will help you in addition to the Road-book.

You will explore the tiny villages of Bieujac, Auros, Lados.

Halfway, take a break at the Carpoleyre water damming. It is a very nice spot for picnic. 

Discover the Miral Castle, right before Brouqueyran.

Finally on your way back, stopping at the Rivet Abbey is unnmissable. This 12th century convent was beautifully restored. Stop by its boutique with monastic products (jams, chickens…): you will find out more about this unexpected activity!  

Circuit  CC3 – Destination : Bazas 

Distance : 35 km – Drop : 100 m – Difficulty : Intermediate

Recommended Bike: Trek/ Electric 


Discovery of the Southern Gironde and the well-known “bazadaise” cow breed 

On the tiny roads with limited trafic, you will reach Cazats.

Admire the stunning St Martin church with its bell tower dating from the 13th century. 

Downtown Cazats, the marking will guide you to the bike path towards Bazas

Approaching Bazas, cycle round the town to get the magnificent view of the center and the cathedral.  

Once you reach the end of the bike path, take a left then cross the roundabout to enter the town.

Follow the guide, you will arrive right on the cathedral’s square : absolutely wonderful! 

Circuit CC4 – Destination :  Sauternes Castles

Distance : 60 km – Drop : 100 m – Difficulty : Moyenne

Recommended Bike type: Electric 


This beautiful trek should be planned for a full day. 

Leave Castets-en Dorthe towards Langon, following the left bank of the Garonne river on a very calm Little road. 

You will cycle along the recently rehabilitated Langon’s docks. If it is a farmers’ market day, its very pleasant entertainment will probably make you stop by.

Continue your itinerary on the bike path, also passing nearby Fargues and its historic castle, then you will arrive at Sauternes.

The “Great Castles” circuit will start here: “Château Filhot, Château Guiraud, Château Yquem, Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey, Château Rayne Vigneau, Château d’Arche : the very famous only ! You will just have to pick a few of them to taste their nectar. 

For lunch, have a picnic or try one of the restaurants: see our selection here

Circuit CC5 – Destination : Loupiac, through the hillsides of the Entre-deux-Mers (In between Seas)

Distance : 60 km – Drop : 575 m – Difficulty : High 

Recommended Bike type: Electric 


Trek on the Entre-deux-Mers hillsides through the vines

The circuit is pretty hilled and will make you discover South facing vine plots which elegantly follow the curvature of the slope. Although amazing at any season, fall is the time where the colors are truly breathtaking. 

This itinerary will have you explore famous places : Saint Germain-de-Grave, Loupiac, Verdelais and finally the Malromé Castle.

This trip requires an early start around 9am if you wish to visit Malromé (visit is at 2pm). (We advise you to arrive around 2pm to book tickets). 

For lunch, several options :

Picnic on Sainte-Croix-du-Mont square with its fantastic view! 

« Le Nord Sud » restaurant in Verdelais : click here to find it !

Malromé Castle’s restaurant : click here to find it!

Circuit  CC6 – Destination : Benauge Castle in Arbis

Distance : ≈ 700 km – Drop : 600 m – Difficulty : High

Recommended Bike type: Electric