Rental duration is determined by the contract. If a day pass has been started, it is fully due. 

The deposit amount cannot cover a contract extension.

The tenant commits: 

  • To use the rented vehicle carefully
  • To provide for its maintenance
  • To settle for any damage caused on the vehicle
  • To settle for any tickets or fees for any traffic offence

It is forbidden: 

  • To modify the rented vehicle
  • To perform important repairs without the renter’s prior consent
  • To sublease any vehicle
  • To carry a child of over 18kg on the baby seat
  • To transport a passenger (depending on the vehicle rules)
  • To ride in the sand
  • To extend the rental without prior consent from the renter: it can be subject to extra fees
  • To transport a bike in a motorized vehicle without prior consent from the renter. In case of violation, a 50 € fee per bike can be applied. In addition, repair fees can be applied in case of damage caused by the transportation.
  • To transport an animal in the “children” trailer. In case of violation, the client will be charged with the price of a new trailer. Indeed for health matters, trailers are exclusively dedicated to children transport.

Insurance and Responsibility 

For any rented equipment, the tenant is always responsible for physical or material damage caused when using the rented equipment. This goes under the Articles 1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code.

In the event of theft, the tenant will be charged with the value of the equipment and the operating loss.

Value of the equipment: 

Trekking Bike

550 €

Tandem Coffee

1 100 €

GPS Garmin

250 €

Electric Bike

2 300 €

Children Bike 16’’ à 24’’

300 €

Baby seat

50 €


300 €

Crazy Trike Trailer Bike

500 €


35 €

Rear Basket

20 €


Any accident will have to be declared forthwith, at the latest within 24. The same applies to deteriorations. The bike will be fixed at the customer’s expense, spare parts and workforce according to the applicable rates.

Any rental already paid is not refundable.

Flat tyre

Our entire fleet is equipped with anti puncture tyres. Although there is very little likelihood, a puncture is always possible. By no means will the renter be responsible, and the repair cost will be at the customer’s expense.

If desired, the renter makes a repair kit available as described here below. Each of the constituents is a consumable therefore will be chargeable if it has been used or if it is not returned.

“Puntuce Repair Spray”

8 €

“ Toolkit”

12 €


5 €

“Patches & Dissolving”

4 €


6 €

“15mm Facom Key”

15 €

“Tyre changer x3”

2 €