Comfortable and performing bikes: front suspension, ergonomic seat, synthetic leather foam handles, aluminium frame, 21 gears, trigger selectors. 

4 different sizes available: 

  • Unisex frame 49 cm: from 155 cm to 170 cm (with a rigid fork)
  • Unisex frame 49 cm+: from 160 cm to 175 cm (with a suspended fork)
  • Men frame 56 cm: from 170 cm to 183 cm
  • Men frame 60 cm: from 180 cm to 200 cm 

All our bikes are equipped with a rear rack; additionally, you can rent rear and front baskets and cyclebags. We also have GPS to help you find your bearings during your trip. 

Trekking Bike H49
Trekking Bike H49+
Trekking Bike H56
Trekking Bike H60



High-end electric bikes

  • BAFANG central engine 80 N.m for optimum support, proportional to the effort.
  • Silent engine 
  • High capacity battery 14,5 A.h offering a 100km-autonomy. 
  • Front suspension 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 8 gears, trigger selector

Orange e-VTC Electric Bike

  • Frame 45 cm: from 155 cm to 175 cm
  • Frame 51 cm: from 170 cm to 200 cm 

Black e-VTT Electric Bike

  • Frame 45 cm: from 155 cm to 175 cm
  • Frame 53 cm: from 170 cm to 200 cm 

You can plan a several-day trek and climb up the hillsides from where, weather permitting, you will see the Pyrenean mountains.  

Orange e-VTC Electric Bike : Vitality
Vélo Electrique
Black e-VTT Electric Bike : E-Street



Share a nice moment with your partner and discover how to coordinate and pedal together.  

This comfortable tandem eases the coordination (large tires, ergonomic seats). There are 7 gears in the easy selection hub even when stopped.

Tandem – GearBox = Nexus 7



Hybrid bikes of 16, 20, 24 inches allow kids to ride with their parents: 

  • 16 ‘’: adapted to 5 – 6 year old children (90 to 110cm high) 
  • 20’’ : adapted to 7 – 8 year old children (110 to 135cm high)
  • 24’’ : adapted to 9 -13 year old children (135 to 150cm high) 

For children whose balance is unsure, a trailer is a good option. 

Childrenbicycles : 3 sizes



This two-tyre trailer bike allows riding trips with young kids even if their balance is unsteady. 

When tired, they can stop pedaling. 

Kids are always proud to pedal just like adults! 

  • For 4 to 9 year old children/ a small inseam : 52 cm or 46 cm with a lowered seat. 
Trailerbike or Follower: For 4 to 9 year old children
Trailerbike or Follower: For 4 to 9 year old children



The covered trailer is the safest and best solution for your little ones. 

It enables you to carry one or two babies. 

Its capacity reaches 40kg of liveload.

We also have a « trunk-trailer »: the best solution to carry a large picnic or luggage for a several-day trip. 

Payload : 30KG. 

Trailer for two children. Maximum 40 kg
Trunk-trailer: 50 x 60 x 35 cm = 100 liters- Maximum 30 kg



  • Posture adjustment when starting the rental
  • Advice for the organisation of the excursions.
  • Circuit loops are offered to experience different landscapes and the region’s must-see 
  • Pre-registered loops on bikes’ GPS (cf.accessories) 
  • Multiple accessories offered : helmets, rear/front hampers, rea/front cyclebags
  • Possibility of bikes’ transportation 
  • Possibility of luggage tracking along the Canal 

Thanks to our trailers and special vehicles, we can transport your bikes for renting as well as repairing



Here are a few accessories that will make your trip more enjoyable : 

  • Handlebar front cyclebag 
  • Ortlieb rear cyclebag (capacity :40 litres in total) 
  • Rear hamper 
  • Smarphone holder 
  • GPS with pre- registered trips 
Baby seat. Max weight: 22 kg
Basket on handlebars: 26 x 20 x 20 – Max 7 kg
Handlebar bag: 23 x 12 x 16 cm
ORTLIEB panniers2 x 20 liters– Waterproof
Back basket: 38 x 26 x 17 cm
Smartphone holder on handlebar. Available in two sizes
GPS GARMIN Edge Explore



To make sure you rent the bicycles of your choice, we advise you to book them. 

We can also give you an estimated rate for tailor-made services : delivery or bike transport, circuit organisation, organisation of seminars, tailor-made excursions, etc… 

Call us or fill the online form right here : « Contact »  



In France wearing a helmet is mandatory for children under 12 but we definitely advise everyone else to wear one. 

At night, wearing a reflective vest is also mandatory. 

We have helmets of all sizes : 

  • Junior: Size 46/50 and 49/54
  • Adult: Size 54/57 and 58/62



On request, we sell new bikes from different brands : Arcade, Peugeot, Gitane, Cinzia…

We also sell second-hand bikes at the end of the season (September)

Spare parts are available at our store : tyres, inner tubes in any diameters, pumps, chains, freewheel and cassettes, derailleurs, cables, etc …. 

Accessories sales : Garmin bike GPS, smartphone holders, Ortlieb cyclebags, rear/front hampers, helmets, etc… 

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On your own, by twos, as a family or in a group, our range is made for everyone.

All our bikes are upmarket, made in France models.

Bikes are new, in perfect condition and replaced every year.  Thanks to our integrated workshop, bikes are reviewed after each and every excursion.

Our fleet is entirely equipped with anti-puncture tyres.